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CE magazine is not your average run of the mill waiting room magazine. We are about creating change and talking about how we can get there! Currently CE Magazine is available in digital form via our online viewer. You can also read CE Magazine on your smart phones, e-readers, iPads and laptops.

Current Issue:

  • Feature: Do We Wish For Our Wishes Or Do They Wish For Us?
  • Caring For Yourself Is Caring For The World
  • Book Review: The Untethered Soul
  • The Phenomenon Of Wireless Communication

We cover a wide range of topics that fall under the umbrella of our goal: to provide “outside the box” and forward thinking content. Topics include health, alternative news, spirituality, future technologies, quantum physics, meditation, yoga, and even a good laugh. Each month we strive to bring readers real solutions to life’s current challenges. Everything from product reviews to recipes to practical steps we can all take to bring change to both our lives and the world. So whether it’s a change in the way we think, a change in the way we eat or getting our hands dirty in practical actions, CE magazine provides steps to make it all happen.